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Alexandre Dumas / Александр Дюма. Queen Margot / Королева Марго (Audio/Аудиокнига)The last years of King Charles IX's reign in France were dominated by religious wars between Catholics and Protestants. Queen Margot begins in 1572 with the marriage of Marguerite de Valois to Henri de Navarre. Marguerite is King Charles' sister and the daughter of Henri II and Catherine de Medici, all firm Catholics. Henri de Navarre is a Protestant who later will become the beloved King Henri IV.
Several important political events have led up to this marriage including the mysterious murder of Henri de Navarre's mother, cleverly plotted by Catherine de Medici. The wedding brings noblemen from all over the world to Paris resulting in the notorious Saint Bartholomew Massacre, where thousands of Protestants are killed.
In this inventive and compelling novel, Dumas brings an extraordinary period of history vividly to life with much excitement and romance. The lively prose and wonderfully constructed plot tell of court intrigues and forbidden love, of beautiful queens, duchesses, and noblemen, suspense, conspiracies, betrayals, assassinations, superstitions, poisonings, and sumptuous feasts.
With well-known historical figures as main characters in a dangerous and breathtaking game for power, Queen Margot tells of conspiracies, clandestine trysts, and daring escapes. There is the infamous Catherine de Medici, deliciously evil, constantly plotting and poisoning; Le Mole, a dashing and irresistable young Protestant who becomes Marguerite's lover; the noble Coconnos who provides a great source of comic relief; and at the center of all this intrigue are the good-hearted Marguerite and Henri who are perfect political allies with complicated and fascinating love lives.

«Королева Марго» — один из самых знаменитых романов Александра Дюма, давно уже ставших классикой историко-приключенческой литературы. Франция, XVI век, эпоха жестокой борьбы между протестантами и католиками, изощренных придворных интриг и трагической любви королевы Марго, поневоле ставшей участницей чужих политических игр…

Название: Queen Margot / Королева Марго
Автор: Alexandre Dumas / Александр Дюма
Исполнитель: Robert Whitfield
Дата выпуска: 1998
Продолжительность: 16 hrs 57 mins
Язык: English
Формат: MP3, 96 kbps
Размер: 719 Mb

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